Amsler Grid Testing for Macular Degeneration

amsler grid testing for macular degeneration

The Amsler Grid can provide some of the earliest signs of fluid or bleeding in the eye resulting from macular degeneration of diabetic retinopathy.

If you have either of these conditions, you should check an Amsler Grid daily.

The results can give you timely warning of changes in your retina that warrant immediate attention by an ophthalmologist. Early detection of a problem with vision increases the chance of saving eyesight through timely laser or injection treatments. This easy test only takes a moment for each eye.


  1. Wear your reading glasses
  2. Hold the Amsler grid at a normal reading distance
  3. Cover one eye
  4. Look at the dot in the center of the grid
  5. Note how the lines and squares appear
  6. Test the other eye in the same manner

What you should see

  1. All of the lines should be straight and the squares of a uniform size.
  2. If you note any changes in the appearance of the grid, such as distortion, blurring, discoloration, dark or missing areas of the grid, or any other changes, call and see your eye doctor immediately.
  3. Do not wait to see if the changes will clear on their own. Timely treatment is vital to safeguarding your vision.