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Home > Buy 3 bottles VisiVite Green, get FREE 3-months of Co-Defense Mini-tablets

Buy 3 bottles VisiVite Green, get FREE 3-months of Co-Defense Mini-tablets
Buy 3 bottles VisiVite Green, get FREE 3-months of Co-Defense Mini-tablets
Buy 3 bottles VisiVite Green, get FREE 3-months of Co-Defense Mini-tablets
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Read more about these two premier nutritional formulas below.


Why should you use VisiVite i-Defense Green Formula for Smokers?

(For people who have never smoked, see the Great Deal on VisiVite i-Defense Gold Formula.)

yellow hyaline drusen seen in dry macular degeneration

VisiVite i-Defense Green  Formula starts with the ingredients from the Age Related Eye Disease Study, but makes the following important therapeutic improvements:

  1. Zinc is reduced from 80 mg to 40 mg daily, to reduce the urinary tract and gastrointestinal side effects experienced by 6% of the patients in the study. As a result, VisiVite i-Defense Yellow Formula has less than a 0.1% incidence of side effects that result in having to discontinue the supplement.

  2. 15 mg of FloraGLO brand Lutein, derived naturally from Marigold Flowers, is added, based upon the results of the Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation Trial which showed vision improvement in people that had macular degeneration. This is the highest quality Lutein available in any macular degeneration nutritional formula.

  3. 4.75 mg of OPTISHARP brand Zeaxanthin, the "super carotenoid," is added, resulting in improvement in retinal pigmentation, powerful protection against further damage from ultraviolet light, and finally, for its powerful antioxidant properties.

  4. Additional antioxidants that prevent further oxidative stress and damage to the retina are added, including Bilberry, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Grape Seed Extract and L-glutathione.

  5. Unlike other popular manufactures that use the less expensive synthetic dl-Alpha Vitamin E that has only 50% bioavailability, VisiVite formulas use naturally derived d-Alpha Vitamin E with 100% bioavailability.

  6. Removes beta-carotene, which in high doses has been shown to increase the incidence of lung cancer in smokers and former smokers.

Take one capsule twice daily. Capsules may be opened into food or drink for patients that have difficulty swallowing.


What is Co-Defense and why do I need it?

Co-Defense is a multivitamin uniquely formulated for patients who take macular degeneration supplements based upon the National Eye Institute's Age Related Eye Disease Study. Co-Defense removes Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc and Copper - nutrients that already exist in high amounts in VisiVite and other macular degeneration supplements.

Compared with Centrum Silver, Co-Defense contains twice the levels of water soluble B vitamins and triple the amount of Lycopene, nutrients that are of greater importance as we age.

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