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Home > Progressive macular degeneration with smoking history

Progressive macular degeneration with smoking history

Your Answers    
Smoking History:   YES
Progressive Macular Degeneration:   YES

The following products do not contain beta-carotene, which has been shown to increase the chances of getting lung cancer in patients with a current or previous history of smoking, while adding both high doses of FloraGLO brand Lutein and OPTISHARP brand Zeaxanthin. to the ingredients used in the National Eye Institute's Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS). Take with Co-Defense for complete body nutrition.

VisiVite i-Defense Green Formula
VisiVite i-Defense Green Formula

Premier macular degeneration supplement for patients with a history of habitual smoking. Vitamin Science is one of the world's leading manufacturers of eye vitamins. Only one capsule twice daily required. Uses Natural Vitamin E.

VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2
VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2

Based upon the newest and most advanced AREDS 2 research being performed by the United States National Eye Institute, VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2 contains 500 mg Vitamin C, 400 IU Natural Vitamin E, 80 mg Zinc Oxide, 2 mg Cupric Oxide, 10 mg FloraGLO brand Lutein and 2 mg Zeaxanthin. Take two gelcaps twice daily.